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iDobraCRM is a customer relationship management system (CRM) available for download and installation on your hosting. The system allows you to systematize the work of your enterprise. The user has the functionality of working with tasks, transactions, accounts, contractors and email correspondence.

Email correspondence

  • Receiving mail
  • Sending mail (via PhpMailer)
  • Quick reply, reply to all, send a letter;
  • Mail statuses;
  • Adding files;
  • Fast history of correspondence.


  • Choice of client type;
  • Base information of the counterparty;
  • Creating related items (transactions, invoices, tasks).


  • Setting tasks for employees of the enterprise / project (the executor);
  • Message to responsible;
  • Tasks statuses;
  • Strategic analysis for the team;
  • Task Milestones (allows you to adjust the priority and visibility of tasks);
  • Adding files to a task.


  • Leads statuses;
  • Appointment and notification to the responsible;
  • Choosing the organization to which the transaction belongs;
  • Currency selection;
  • Quickly edit a linked counterpart;
  • History of transaction changes and communication with the client.


  • Invoices statuses;
  • Add items with a price to invoice;
  • Choosing the organization to which the transaction belongs;
  • Printing of accounts and acts;
  • Ability to add your own forms for printing (HTML layout).


  • Status settings;
  • Setting up departments and business users;
  • Setting up organizations associated with the enterprise (project);
  • Currency setup;
  • Etc.

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